Why the Eggtronic Power Bar is a Solo Traveler’s Perfect All-in-one Charger

July 21, 2020
Eggtronic Bar
The Eggtronic Bar is an Apple fan’s favorite travel charger for its ability to power up an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time. But it’s not just an Apple accessory. Eggtronic

When it comes to travel tech, no device seems to evolve as quickly as the portable charger. Just when you think you’ve purchased the slimmest or most powerful device, someone announces a slimmer charger that fits in the palm of your hand and can charge your Tesla coming and going. Okay, that’s a bit much, but we probably aren’t that far away from an Elon Musk announcement.

For some travelers, the only necessity is a lone lightning cable and USB plug adapter for recharging a smart phone at night, and the rest of us simply envy such minimalist travelers. All the while we ponder our collections of all things smart, including phones and watches, as well as our headphones, laptops, cameras and more. For us, there is a wide variety of multi-device plug adapters and power sources, but no matter how much juice we need, size is still a crucial factor. The more chargers we carry, the less room we have for other accessories, including hilarious dad pun t-shirts that I’m already told aren’t allowed in my bag.

Fortunately for us organized, borderline neat freak travelers who like to have everything in one place, Eggtronic’s Power Bar is a 3-in-1 portable savior that has a really helpful extra benefit hidden up its sleeve.


How Does it Work?

Brand loyalists will especially love the basics of this Power Bar, as it allows for simultaneous wireless charging of three devices, with two Qi-compatible smartphone docks and one 5W magnetic wireless charging spot. That means you have a spot for your iPhone, one for your wireless AirPods case and one for your Apple Watch. And with 30W power delivery, you can sleep easy knowing that when you return to your overwater villa from a day of paddleboarding and snorkeling, you’ll be able to charge your drained devices in time for another day of action.

That’s not to say this is a device for Apple loyalists only. The Eggtronic Power Bar also charges Samsung Galaxy Buds and other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and more, so even if you and your travel partner are on opposite sides of the great device divide, you can still charge an iPhone and Android at the same time. 

What’s Our Favorite Part?

Technically this 3-in-1 charger is a 4-in-1 battery savior, because that hidden extra is the ability to also serve as a backup charger for a laptop when you’re answering pointless email chains at the resort pool and there’s nowhere for your plug. The only thing it doesn’t do is change your Zoom background to something more professional so your coworkers don’t get jealous that you’re calling in from the Ritz again.


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