The Best Electric Bicycles for Exploring

When you want to get somewhere a little quicker while staying green, these are the rides just for you.


October 20, 2021
It’s your vacation. You don’t want to put in too much effort when you don’t have to. Shutterstock

Regular bikes allow for arduous battles up hills for those seeking a strong fitness aspect to their rides. For bikers who are eager to get to places with little to no effort, there are electric bikes waiting for you. Here are the best electric bicycles for exploring.

Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike Full Throttle Electric Bicycle with LCD Display

Save Time and Space

When you don’t have a car rack, pick the style that travels easily. Jetson

Portability is nice for when you want to pack a bike away in the car and head off to a park for a nice seamless stroll. When a bike can fold, that’s about as portable as you can get.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike

Whichever Way You Like It

Feel like doing all the work? No problem, there’s a setting for that. Swagtron

Heavy-duty electric bikes are the way to go when dealing with harsh, tough environments. Not only are rides easier, but you’re also more likely to stay atop your bike with sturdy, strong tires.

ANCHEER an-EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike

For Home or Away

Who says you need to be on vacation to use one of these? ANCHEER

One of the best parts about electric bikes is the relative ease you can gain speed. Feel the breeze running through your hair, as you coast effortlessly with your favorite electric bike.

NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

All the Bells and Whistles

A strong and durable model is your best and safest bet for riding in unfamiliar areas. NAKTO

For the added convenience on your strolls, some electric bikes have baskets to help carry whatever you may need for the day. It’s an unforgettable added amenity.

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