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Utensil Kits That Save Space And Help The Environment

With these, not only will you save space in your suitcase, but you’ll also help save the environment.

Plastic utensils are so 2019, as cruise ships and hotels have both begun transitioning to paper products and other environmentally friendly items. But sometimes paper straws, for example, don't sit well with people. Instead of having to rely on utensils or other food-related items provided by airplanes, hotels or other services, bring your own equipment.

Even if a resort doesn't use plastic, wouldn't you still prefer your own utensils? | Amazon

Whether it's a fork, a spoon, a knife or even chopsticks, the ideal utensil kit will always have what you're looking for. You never know where you might end up and what kind of food you'll eat when you go on vacation. So always being prepared for any meal is ideal.

Rinse, reuse, repeat. | Amazon

If you're not just trying to eat a meal but cook one, too, wooden utensils are great for that, as they won't heat up like metal ones. Durability is key, and having sturdy, relatively flat wooden kitchenware can be easily stored in a heavy, boxy suitcase.

Travel utensils
Travel utensils take up practically no space. | Amazon

Occasionally, you'll need a set that can squeeze into tighter compartments. Perhaps you're headed to work with just your laptop case or a lunch box. In those cases, compact, smaller kits are the way to go, but checking durability and quality are essential, too, as wear and tear on the items we use to put food in our mouths is less than ideal.