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Exercising On Vacation? You'll Want An Extra Pair Of Earbuds

Getting in a run or a bike on vacation is easier with a good set of earbuds.

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't get a good workout in. Running, biking, kayaking, swimming, all are a great way to both explore where you're visiting and burn off that vacation dinner at the same time. Still, you might need a playlist or some podcasts to get moving, and that's where a good pair of earbuds come in.

Serious Action

Check the battery life of any Bluetooth headphones you buy. Like anything with a battery, they'll benefit from an overnight recharge, but even if you're only thinking a half-hour on the treadmill, longer battery life will ensure crisper sound and fewer connection problems, as they'll have plenty of juice to draw on. And hey, it's vacation, you might turn it into a full hour if the scenery is beautiful enough.


Built to Last

Pick earbuds with size in mind. You're packing light, so discreet earbuds that tuck into a case or that clip onto a flexible hanger can make traveling a lot easier, not to mention getting on the trail. It'll also make it easier to use them on flights, since you can just drop them in a carry-on or even tuck them into your pocket, making room for other essentials.


Added Security

Look for earbuds that have more than one way to stay connected to your ears. Individual buds can be handy for the gym or leisurely walks, but if you're going harder, you'll probably want to clip on some ear hooks or wing tips to make sure they stay put. If you can, try out the accessories first to make sure they're a comfortable fit; nobody wants to vacation with chafed ears.