Find Comfort In The Right Pair Of Snorkeling And Dive Boots

A good set of dive boots makes for a better time on the water.

Dive boots are useful gear to ensure comfort above and below the water. They prevent chafing from fins, keep your feet warm in colder waters, and ensure you've got a good grip on wet decks and slippery piers. Here's what to seek in a good set.

Get the Upper Foot

Most important is what conditions you'll be diving in. In cold waters, you'll want as much coverage as possible, so a high-top boot will help you regulate your temperature in and out of the water. In warmer climes, a low-top will suit you better and help you on your dive.

No Slipping and Sliding

Look for non-slip soles. Even the most inexperienced diver can tell you that it's easy to take an unexpected fall into the ocean or pool in the wrong footwear. A textured, non-slip sole will ensure your safety and help you keep your balance, so any water you go under is strictly voluntary.

Like Walking on Air

Weight is another consideration. If you're going on a scuba dive, you should probably get a pair of tougher, heavier boots. Going snorkeling, however, means you should have some lightweight boots or booties that will help you maintain buoyancy. Keep in mind though that "weight" is relative, here; even the heaviest dive boots will be lighter than your typical shoe.