Games That Will Keep You Entertained And Challenged On Long Flights

Keep your brain engaged while your body’s sitting on a plane.

Some will tell you it's the journey, not the destination. These people were never stuck somewhere with nothing to do for hours on end. Bringing some games and puzzles will help keep your mind sharp on even the longest of flights.

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned newsstand puzzle book you can hold in the palm of your hand. | Amazon

Have something that doesn't need batteries to run. The tried-and-true newsprint puzzle books are still out there, and still ready for your pen when you need something to do and are sick of your phone. Look for puzzles that are genuinely challenging, that you find engaging, and that come in a digest size, easy to shove into a bag or pocket when your gate is called.

solo chess
Flying alone? Play new twists on the classic one-person game. | Amazon

In the mood for something a bit more intense? Look into solitaire versions of strategy games like chess. Chess puzzles don't just help you learn how to play, they can teach strategy, spatial relations, and other skills. They're especially useful if you've got kids along and want to engage their brains on something other than cartoons.

Switch lite
Okay, nothing tops a good handheld digital device that can store dozens of games. | Amazon

Finally, don't knock video games. Portable consoles have come a long way, to the point where most modern games are playable on the go, with onboard memory that lets you pack in dozens of different games to try while you're in the air. Even better, with independent games getting more traction, you'll be able to find plenty of games at low prices that try something different with the classics.