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The Best Garment Bags For The Businessperson On The Go

Keep your work clothes clean while zipping from airport to airport.

When you travel for work, you usually need to look your best the next day. A garment bag can keep anything clean, pressed, and ready for that big presentation. Here's how to find the right one for your road warrior lifestyle.


Time to Be Basic

Make a list of the infrastructure that goes along with your main workwear. A good garment bag will have room not just for the clothes, but also the belt, the shoes, and the other accessories that go along with it, especially if you're going to make it your carry-on. With enough pockets and space for all the finishing touches, you can avoid running around the local downtown hoping to at least not wear your ratty sneakers to the meeting.


Packed with Care

Good hardware makes for a better bag. If you've ever had to haul a suit home from the dry cleaners, you know that having it hooked over your shoulder can cramp both your style and your muscles. Look for shoulder straps, wheels, handles and other hardware that will make the haul a little easier. And, of course, make sure it has a nice sturdy hook so you can hang everything up without having to unpack it all.


Try Something New

If you're traveling light, look into bags that will keep both your workwear and your workout gear in one place. There are some fascinating and innovative bags out there that incorporate garment bags into their design, while folding up into a handy package you can slot your running kit or some jeans into for those off-hours. It'll save you some aggravation while packing and make life easier when you arrive.