Gogh Jewelry Design's Ocean Collection Celebrates Our Love Of Water (And Looks Good Doing It)

Designed by a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, these accessories have been created with Mother Earth in mind.

Szilvia Gogh has a lot of passions. She's a world traveler and scuba enthusiast and has combined those loves to teach scuba diving all over the world. She's the youngest woman to ever become a Professional Association of Diving Instructors Course Director, and, for her incredible achievements, Gogh was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2016. She has instructed LAPD dive team leaders, worked as a stunt woman and trained celebrities for TV and film, and she runs Miss Scuba with the purpose of inspiring and empowering women who share her love for diving and travel. Oh, and she works with at-risk children in Los Angeles. All in a day's work.

All the while, Gogh has been designing and creating her own jewelry, ever since she completed goldsmith training at the Budapest Art Institute. After more than a decade of selling and gifting her adventure-focused creations to friends and family, Gogh finally launched Gogh Jewelry Design, and her efforts have resulted in a variety of popular collections, including the Ocean Collection, which was developed to showcase the designer's passion for water and Mother Earth.

Gogh's bestsellers
(Clockwise from top left) Gogh's bestsellers include the Miss Scuba Never Hold Your Breath dive necklace, Turquoise Wrap Bracelet with Octopus and the Ocean Beauty Wrap Bracelet. | Gogh Jewelry Design

Among the Ocean Collection's best sellers are the Mermaid Soul pearl and leather wrap bracelet (top), which was inspired by Gogh's spiritual connection to the ocean, and is comprised of strung freshwater pearls alternating with midnight dark crystals, with a pewter mermaid button and soft leather double knot closure.

In addition to the other Ocean Collection bestsellers, including the Turquoise Wrap Bracelet with Octopus, Ocean Beauty Wrap Bracelet and Miss Scuba Never Hold Your Breath dive necklace, Gogh Jewelry Design also boasts the Zero Waste Project among its accomplishments and offerings.

Zero Waste Bracelet
This Zero Waste Bracelet incorporates upcycled scuba parts to keep them out of the ocean. | Gogh Jewelry Design

Just as she collects precious stones and materials on her worldly travels, Gogh upcycles old scuba equipment and parts for this collection, while also donating some of the proceeds to the rehabilitation of the crew of the MV Conception, a dive boat that sank off the coast of California in 2019.

Inspired by companies that use discarded fishing nets and surfboards, Gogh's Zero Waste Project jewelry is highlighted by a modern look, as evidenced by metal and rubber accents in the Zero Waste Bracelet with Sea Glass and Amazonite, that still features ocean-colored rocks and gems.

Created with a true appreciation of her craft and love for the ocean, Gogh's jewelry pieces are sure to be permanent accessories for all water-loving travelers, women and men alike.