Three Pairs Of Golf Sandals That Will Keep You Casual On Vacation

Don’t worry, it won’t affect your game.

Combine comfort with the leisurely game of golf, and you've got yourself a pretty good time. Not every round of golf necessitates you to be decked out in your Sunday best, so let us help you find the perfect sandals that match comfort with utility, making sure you feel good while playing well, too.

FootJoy Men's Golf Sandals Shoes
Just because the breeze is tickling your toes, it doesn't mean you have to worry about not keeping your feet planted when teeing off. | FootJoy

You need a durable pair of sandals because there tends to be a lot of walking, even when you're using a golf cart. Over time, any pair of sandals will succumb to wear and tear, so find one that will last as long as possible.

Skechers Women's 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals Shoe
You love your golf shoes because they're comfortable and effective. Sandals won't disappoint you. | Skechers

In addition to being long-lasting, you'll want a pair of sandals that keep you comfortable throughout the day. The last thing you want is for foot pain to distract you from a potential birdie.

ZORIZ Golf Sandals
Just looking to take some swings and enjoy the sunshine? There are sandals for that, too. | ZORIZ

The classic thong sandal gives your feet comfort and the freedom to breathe. That especially comes in handy for hot days on the green, leaving your feet dry and not as smelly as they would be if they were trapped inside a pair of socks and proper shoes.