Best Sunglasses for Golfers

With features such as complete UV protection to scratch-resistant finishes, these sunglasses might just help improve your game.

You know it’s going to be very sunny on your island golf getaway, so you will need protection.Shutterstock

Squinting is for Clint Eastwood movies. When you’re out on the golf course, your eyes need to be ready to help your game. Avid golfers will want to take a look at these recommended sunglasses.

Optimal Protection for Athletes

Whether conditions are sunny or overcast, these lightweight, durable frames provide all-day, stylish comfort and protection.Amazon

Those who seek equal parts performance and style can put their trust in a brand designed for world-class athletes. Patented High Definition Optics provide superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

You’ll never be caught needing to squint on the golf course again.Amazon

Sunglasses created from state-of-the-art materials such as premium cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium, and color enriched stainless steel provide for an unmatched eyewear experience with complete UV protection. Choose a scratch-resistant finish coated with superhydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments.

Classic Hollywood Style

These lenses decrease the amount of light that can pass through them.Amazon

Whether you decide on sunglasses with glass or plastic lenses, make sure to choose a model with features such as complete UV protection and glare reduction. Get maximum glare protection with mirrored lenses, which decrease the amount of light that can pass through them—making them ideal for sunny days on the green.