Great Bags For Keeping Your Snorkel And Dive Gear Organized

Keeping your gear in order means more fun on the dive.

Diving is all about discipline, even before you get in the water. You've got to know where everything is, what shape it's in, and have it somewhere accessible. A good dive bag will help you keep organized so you can get in the water instead of fiddling with your gear. Here's what to look for.

Keep It Simple

A good strong mesh is the ideal for a dive bag. Mesh both allows you to eyeball what's in the bag and what might be missing, and after the dive, lets your wet gear drip-dry, avoiding salt deposits and nasty smells. It also lets you stuff beach gear and swimsuits in for days when you're sitting by the water instead of diving under it.

Put It On Your Back

Pick a bag style that makes sense. If you're hauling gear from your hotel room to the hotel dock, or stowing it on a boat, a duffel bag will be a better type to use. If you're going to haul gear during a hike or travel to a cove, a backpack will be a better choice.

Something for Everything

Use a bag that's easy to get into. Drawstrings in particular are useful because they're easy to close when you're tired or cold after a long dive, and give the bag a looser design that lets you cram in more of the soft stuff without worrying about zippers popping open or Velcro separating. A good bag will let you dive with confidence, without worrying where your gear is.