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Protect Yourself With These Health-Focused Travel Items

When it comes to flying around the world and staying in busy resorts, better safe than sorry.

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation, or before it, and there are plenty of ways to protect your health, from getting the right immunizations to reading up on local ingredients and making sure there's nothing you might be allergic to. These items in your luggage will help keep you healthy on your trip.


Be Hands On

It's always better to wash your hands. In fact, washing your hands regularly is the best way to keep from getting sick, on vacation or not. But for those times where there's no sink and soap handy, keeping some hand sanitizer around is a good backup. Several smaller bottles you can leave in bags, stick in pockets, and otherwise carry around are most useful, and make sure it includes moisturizers, so your hands don't dry out and crack.


Breathe Easier

Heading somewhere where the air may be a bit thicker? Bring some disposable respirators. Smog and particulate matter can set off asthma attacks and other breathing problems, pollen can put you indoors with an allergy attack, and if you've got a plain old cold, wearing one will limit the spread. These have limits, as there's no filter fine enough to catch a virus, but they're a useful part of your vacation first-aid kit. Make sure they're adjustable and easy to breath through.


Avoid Messy Situations

Messes happen on vacation, and having a set of disinfectant wipes handy can ensure they don't cause problems, whether it's food on the door handle from a tantrum or a family member getting a bug on the airplane. Look for wipes that avoid harsh chemicals like alcohol or solvents, and that come in packages that are easy to pack and carry with you, so you're always ready.