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How To Improve Your Patio Game With An Outdoor TV Setup

Use your favorite resorts as inspiration for creating a home entertainment experience that’ll make the neighbors jealous.

Spring nights amid 70-degree weather and glowing, golden-hour sunsets were never meant to be spent inside. But that season finale can't wait, lest you be subjected to spoilers; or perhaps your team is in the championship game for the first time since you graduated. Get the best of both worlds with an outdoor TV setup to boast about.

outdoor tv
Picking the right TV for your outdoor lounge is far trickier than picking one for the guest bedroom. | Amazon

Of the most important items on your list for "outdoor TV setup" has to be the TV itself. Even with an enclosed area, you'll still want a TV that can handle whatever comes your way, whether it's weather, dust or any minor physical contact.

tv mount
Like the TV, the mount you use outside will be much different from the one you use inside, due to weather and other factors. | Amazon

There are two main reasons why a mount is a must-get for outdoor TV setups: space and safety. For starters, the outdoor space may be limited, and a mount makes it so you don't need to buy cumbersome entertainment centers, however small. Being outside, there's naturally a little more energy and space for pets and kids to run around. The last thing you want to happen is for something to knock over the TV.

TV cover
The last thing you want to do is spend time every day cleaning your TV. | Amazon

Even with a TV made for the outdoors, it's better to play it safe. Like covering a pool table after use, covering your TV helps protect the TV from any unpredictable incidents when no one's around.