How to Take a Perfect Selfie

Snapshots are one thing, but for a truly perfect solo photo, you’ll need more than your phone.

December 2, 2019
Selfie gear
Nobody likes when a vacation is over, but the good thing is sharing your photos with friends and family. Shutterstock

Selfies are increasingly not just for Instagram. Phones are shipping with “portrait mode” tools that emphasize the face, professionals are using selfies instead of expensive professionally made headshots, and they’re even becoming a form of art. However, taking a great selfie involves more than nailing the correct angles.

A Total Pro

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Look at the natural light around you, or bring your own light source. Even the most advanced phone camera can’t compensate for crappy lighting. When outdoors, make use of the sun, particularly in the early morning or late afternoon, which will create shadows and give your face definition. Indoors, use a bright, soft light, such as a ring-light to make your face stand out. It’s what the professionals use.

No Need to Stretch

Selfie Stick
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Take your selfie with a remote. Part of the struggle with using selfies, especially professionally, is that you have to hold your phone at arm’s length. A remote shutter tool, usually in the form of a Bluetooth remote, leaves you free to snap multiple shots, to perform action shots, and otherwise be freed from having an arm extending from the bottom of the frame.


Save Space for Pics of Your Face

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Use some form of camera support. Selfie sticks and tripods are incredibly useful for snapping shots with less blur, and for getting enough distance in a shot to fit in groups. This is particularly important with older cameras, so you don’t get that Impressionist effect that comes from a slight shake when you’d rather have a crisp shot. Besides, as a bonus, there’s less hunching.


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