The Best iPhone Accessories for Camping Trips

It’s basically the digital version of a Swiss Army Knife so use it as such.

February 26, 2021
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From snapping pictures of nature’s beauty to keeping in touch with coworkers, your iPhone is pretty important when you’re outdoors. Shutterstock

No matter where you go, you almost always have your phone on you. That should be especially true when you’re on a camping trip. Here are the best iPhone accessories to help enhance your camping trips.

UGREEN Travel Case Gadget Bag

Don’t Lose Track of Things

It starts with knowing what you have and not being cluttered. UGREEN

Wherever you go, so should your iPhone, especially when you’re hiking or camping. Find a case that will protect your phone but also be compact and packable enough to be transported easily.

Luni iPhone 11 Military Grade Armor Case with Kickstand

Never Worry about Drops

When you have an oopsie on or off the trail, don’t worry about it breaking the screen. Luni

The outdoors hold a bevy of environmental hazards, including rocks and a variety of other hard objects. Make sure that, if you do drop your iPhone, it will stay protected from the worst of elevated falls.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector

It’s a No-brainer

Indoors or outside, this is one thing you should always have. Ailun Glass

Screen protectors aren’t to be forgotten. You’ve probably experienced cracking your phone screen once or twice, so it’s undoubtedly important to make sure you protect your screen especially before heading for a camping trip.

FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Power Bank

Keep Everything Juiced Up

A dead device doesn’t do anything for anyone. FosPower

The elements are in full force and unmitigated when you head into the outdoors, so it’s important to have waterproof accessories. This goes without saying when you’re talking about a power source, such as a battery pack for your iPhone.

ABFOCE Waterproof Portable Charger 10000mAh Outdoor Power Bank

No Need to Overdo It

When space is limited, find an option that will still keep your devices running. ABFOCE

Camping requires you to bring enough gear as it is, so, when it comes to bringing along iPhone accessories, look for items that are easy to pack and lightweight. Having lightweight yet effective gear will make walking and transporting your gear significantly easier.


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