Best Inflatable Pools for Kids

Can’t hit the resort pool? Have a little fun in your own backyard.

Everyone loves a kiddie pool in the backyard.Shutterstock

A wise man once said that commercials for aboveground pools are only thirty seconds long, because that’s the maximum amount of fun you can have in an aboveground pool. Fortunately, kiddie pools are an exception. Here’s what to look for, whether to keep the kids in the water or cool your own feet.

Fun for all Ages

This oversized option comfortably fits the whole gang.Sable

Check out the materials, before you buy. Especially with inflatable pools, look for thick PVC and a design that limits the risk of punctures and deflation. A pool suddenly deflating is more than a Peanuts-style bummer. It can flood your lawn, ruining it, and a wrecked pool is hard to recycle. Invest in an electric pump, and you won’t have to worry about having to fill it with lungful after lungful of air.

A Piece of Paradise

Avoid harsh rays on young, sensitive skin.Intex

Look for easy-drain features, next. If you’ve ever had to drag anything full of water around, you vividly remember the sore arms and annoyance. You also can’t just open the air valve and let the water do the job, which will leave you with a pool covered in mud. Pools with built-in drains will let you take the pool over to the driveway or a nearby drain and just let the water out when it’s time to pack up.

A Party in a Box

When it comes to kiddie pools, you don’t have to go big, but you’ll be happy you did.Bestway

Don’t think you have to settle for a simple pool, either. Kiddie pools have come a long way from the day of glorified balloons. You can get what amount to fold-away waterparks, depending on what you’re willing to shell out. Before you buy, make sure that you’ve got a pump strong enough to fill it, as some of these things can be the size of a small car, and enough space for it to be fun to use. Nobody wants a waterpark jammed up against the back fence.