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The Best Language Teachers For First Time Travelers

You’ll fit right in with the locals, thanks to these excellent apps and products.

If you're planning on traveling to a new country but don't know the native language, fear not, because of an abundance of apps and products that are geared towards first-time travelers. Building a vocabulary and learning to develop proper grammar in virtually any language has never been easier or more affordable.

Plus, features such as speech or voice recognition can even ensure that you're speaking with correct pronunciation, so you may even fit in with the locals. You'll be fluent—or, at the very least passable—before you know it!

Babbel: Learn a New Language—3 Month App Subscription
You don't have all day, but you do have a few minutes here and there. | Babbel

Whether you're learning for travel, business, or to broaden your mind, you'll love these convenient, 10-15-minute sessions that allow you to go at your own pace. By learning real-life topics, you'll have the confidence to speak your new language and hold conversations almost immediately.

Living Language French, Complete Edition
If you're going to give it a shot, give it everything you have. | Living

Learn French from beginner to advanced in one convenient package that features a three-pronged, multimedia approach of books, audio CDs, and free online learning tools. Based on linguistic science, proven techniques, and over 65 years of experience, this method aims for fluency so you can hold conversations like a pro.

Rosetta Stone—Learn 24 Languages
Why stop at one? | Rosetta Stone

Take in over 24 languages with this unlimited program that provides lifetime access without additional subscription fees. The dynamic immersion programs teach by context—so you'll be seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing just like you would in the real world.

Rocket Russian Level 1
Go from beginner to casual conversationalist with a little hard work. | Rocket

When you need to quickly get up to speed, this beginner course will help you become conversational straight away by learning the most useful Russian first. Easy to follow, interactive audio and grammar lessons are supplemented by flashcards and other helpful tools for an overall comprehensive program.

Spanish Words and Phrases You Need to Know
Who carries books? People who find themselves in tricky situations. | Barron's

Brush up on your Spanish in your spare time, with a convenient flashcard system that includes a Spanish word or phrase with phonetic pronunciation on one side, and the English translation and a photo on the other. As an added bonus, feature cards provide pronunciation guidance, verb conjugations, pronouns, numbers, and more.