The Best Laptops for Workations

Sometimes, work follows you. Be just as effective on the road as you are in your office.

Workations allow for a nice change of scenery, but you’ll need the right laptop to get everything done.Shutterstock

The problem with work is that sometimes you can’t escape it. Even a several-hour flight away can’t stop your manager or boss from asking you to do something or tie up some loose end. Stay effective, even on the road, with these best laptops ahead of your next workation.

Light but Loaded

“Schoolcations” are also being offered by resorts as a way for families to spend some time away from home while not missing important classes.HP

First and foremost, a solid work laptop needs to be portable. This quality is doubly important when considering a laptop for a workation, as your bags are likely stuffed with other non-work-related luggage. You don’t want to be struggling to snag a heavy laptop out of a backpack in a busy security line, and you definitely don’t want to be carrying a heavy laptop around all day when you’re traveling.

Don’t Live and Die by the Plug

Keeping your device charged is crucial since there’s not always an outlet by the pool.ASUS

Before investing in a workation laptop, consider what features you’ll need for working on the road. How many USB ports do you need? What capabilities does your computer need to have? Do you need an external SD card reader? A good workation laptop is a reliable one.

At Home or Away

Sometimes it’s as simple as packing up your home office gear and bringing it with you.Lenovo

There’s nothing like slow loading speeds during a workday to slow down your productivity. But that’s doubly worse when vacation is at your doorstep. Make sure you have a laptop with enough RAM to make loading times shorter when opening up and operating important programs.

As Tough as Your Luggage

Whatever you do, don’t settle for so thin it’s flimsy and easily breakable.Dell

One of the most important qualities a workation laptop should include is durability. A simple drop shouldn’t be the end of the world. Find a laptop capable of withstanding any minor incidents.