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Three Laptops That Are Ideal For Editing And Storing All Your Travel Photos

When you can take only photographs, these laptops will ensure you have the best.

"Take only photographs," we're told, and, if social media is any indication, we take a ton of them. Yet we can always improve them, and whether you're out there with all the camera gear or just snapping shots with your smartphone, a good laptop can help you pick, edit, and post the best. Here's what to look for.

2019 Dell 15.6
Whether for gaming or using photo editing software, a laptop needs a large screen so you can focus on the details. | Dell

Start with screen size. A large screen on your laptop will help you find the photobombs and clean up the details. Aim for at least 11″ on the diagonal, which will give you a reasonably large screen and save some space, but if you can go larger, especially if you're planning to print them out, it'll assist in getting the cleanest images possible.

HP High Performance 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 15.6
Especially when you're traveling, a convertible touchscreen laptop can prove to be very convenient. | HP

Pick a laptop with some power behind it. Think of the core as a brain in the processor. The more cores you have, the faster your computer can work. That said, unless you're planning to do some really heavy data crunching while also editing your photos, a quad-core processor, fairly standard on current laptops, should do the job. Also be sure to get as much RAM as possible, as that'll speed up complicated edits and rendering.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5
Big memory doesn't always mean a big, clunky laptop. | Microsoft

Photo editors can be divided into two people: Stylus people and mouse people. Both work, but they lend themselves better to different approaches. And if you prefer the painterly approach to photo editing with a stylus, or your finger, a touchscreen will be a definite perk, especially when paired with a "convertible" style laptop so you can treat it like a sketch pad. Not sure which one you are? Try both and see how it feels.