Three Luggage Ideas For Fitness-Minded Travelers

Finding a versatile bag that can handle all your vacation gear is easier than you think.

For most fitness enthusiasts, wherever they go, so does a focused mindset about your physical wellbeing. Regardless of what you're bringing with you, whether you're going away on a yoga retreat or preparing for sports training, an appropriate fitness bag is paramount to bringing the equipment you need.

G4Free 22
A simple duffle with multiple compartments is very useful for a weekend getaway. | Amazon

The duffle bag is the classic gym bag, so, for fitness enthusiasts, it only seems natural to want a travel bag that brings all the utility of a gym bag in the form of luggage. Enjoy pockets and a spacious compartment to load all you need for an all-in-one carry-on.

Dakine Split Roller Rolling Luggage
A roller bag is already arguably the most ideal piece of luggage for any traveler, and that especially goes for people who take their workouts on the go. | Amazon

Traditional suitcases that roll are sometimes ideal for trips that require you to transport significant fitness equipment. Whether it's yoga mats or even some small weights and resistance bands, traditional rolling suitcases give you the space you need and the ability to roll, if it's too heavy to carry.

Sports Duffel Bag for Men Women Tactical Duffle Backpack 35L Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment Travel Backpack Luggage
You probably want something a little bigger than a duffle that still allows you to skip the luggage carousel. | Amazon

Backpacks are great for fitness on short trips, whether it's a weekend getaway or even just a visit to the gym. With the obvious freedom of using your hands, backpacks are extremely useful because they're unobstructive and comfortable while being sizable enough to carry whatever equipment you need for a short trip.