Luggage Sets for People Who Want to (and Will) See the Whole World

When you’re ready to explore, bring all you need with you.

Traveling the globe is a breeze when you have a luggage set that isn’t a burden.Shutterstock

If your plan is to see the entire world, you’ll probably need to bring a lot of stuff with you. A luggage set can ensure you’ve got everything you need, in a bag designed to fit every need. Here’s what to look for, for luggage that’ll follow you across the globe.

Durability is a key factor, even on short trips.Amazon

Consider any features that’ll make your trip, or your day-to-day, a little more fun. Bag sets have all sorts of useful extras such as a built-in USB charger, cupholders so you have a place for your morning coffee at the gate, TSA compliant locks to get through security a little faster, and other useful features.

Bigger doesn't always mean better. Especially when it comes to your carry-on, which needs to fit properly into the overhead bin.Amazon

Check for overall sizing. One of the biggest problems travelers run into are bags that are just over the size limit for carry-ons, so pick a matched set that fits the standards. Don’t ignore the other two bags, though; measure the luggage that you usually check and make sure that the bigger bags will fit everything you want to bring along.

You should want your luggage to perform well, sure, but also look good and function to you highest expectations.Amazon

Don’t ignore the hardware. Handles should telescope smoothly and be at a height that it’s easy for you to roll the bag behind you. The hardware on the top and sides should be easy to grip for when you’re putting a bag on a rack, and ideally will have studs on the sides to keep it a little bit off the ground. Expanding features should be easy to open and unfold. And, of course, wheels should be free-spinning and roll smoothly.