Mix Business with Pleasure by Upgrading Your Laptop and Laptop Bag

If your vacations combine work and play, then you’ll want to have the latest in both technology and travel convenience.

November 20, 2019
lap-top back
Your brand new laptop deserves a bag that is just as nice, and vice versa. Shutterstock

If you treat your laptop well, upgrading all the software and not clicking any email links for Netflix and Disney+ malware scams, it could last you years before you’re inevitably greeted by the blue screen of death. However, if you travel a lot for work or your family vacations are still packed with company emails, you’re probably already familiar with the routine of “upgrading” your tech as often as every other year.

Whatever the case may be, there’s almost no better feeling than turning a new laptop on for the first time (it’s even better than new car smell). The only thing better? Putting your new laptop in a brand new—and especially clean—laptop bag. After all, you don’t park a Porsche in a sewer, so why should your new gear live inside the same bag you’ve been spilling coffee on for the last five years?

Buying a new bag with a new laptop is easily one of the best decisions you can make, whether you’re a professional go-getter with an inbox as full as your belly at the hotel buffet or someone who can’t wait to edit vacation photos. Here are some pairings we have created to give you inspiration on your next big purchase.


Gamers on the Go

Samsung Odessy Notebook Amazon

Vacation or not, a gamer has to game. And everyone would probably agree that there’s no better place to play your favorite games than poolside at a Caribbean resort. Gaming laptops are also really great computers that just so happen to let people play a few rounds of Call of Duty in between updating Google spreadsheets and setting the automatic email reply to “Sippin’ margz til Tuesday.”

Convertible Briefcase
Solo NY Duane Convertible Briefcase Amazon

The big city daily commute can be a grind, and so can switching airports or passing time during the 7-hour layover that came with that awesome deal you got on plane tickets to Hawaii. Keep your gamer laptop and gear organized in a stylish, professional laptop bag that limits your clutter so no one can accuse you of bag-spreading (a new term we made up for people who take up too many seats in the airport waiting areas… you know who you are.)

All Business

Aspire 5
Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop Amazon

Laptops have come a long, long way in terms of size, durability and battery life. The evolution of slimmer laptops has made it easier to not only pack a compact carryon that won’t have you banging shoulders on the way down the aisle, but also own multiple laptops for various occasions.


When it comes to those of us who mix business and pleasure, it’s helpful and affordable to have a second, slimmer laptop that handles all our email, browsing and social media needs.

Gusset Toploader
Samsonite Classic Gusset Toploader Amazon

But just as laptops have evolved, the bags we keep them in are constantly changing for the better. Take a classic design like the toploader, which serves the simple purpose of allowing you to conveniently remove and store your laptop, but merge it with the growing demand for TSA-friendly bags, and you get a bag that zips right open for an easy scan, and then slides right back on to your carryon roller’s handles.

Own the Room

MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Amazon

Laptops are like cars. We want them to be new, nice, reliable and loaded with options. Sometimes we want a budget-friendly coup that does the job and gets us from Point A to Point B without fail, or maybe a minivan that safely packs our most important people (or files) while not taking up too much space in the garage (or laptop bag).


And sometimes we want a super-charged luxury car that makes heads turn. When it comes to that kind of luxury class laptop, all you have to do is remind yourself that you deserve it.

Laptop Case
Kate Spade Women’s Laptop Case Amazon

Luxury deserves luxury. The heads turn for the bag and do a double take when the laptop comes out, just like you planned when clicked order. But seriously, with a higher price you have higher expectations for what this bag will do for your laptop. In addition to style, a fashionable commuter bag keeps your high-end laptop safe, whether in a coffee shop or on a floating island.

Off the Beaten Path

Microsoft Surface
Surface Pro 6 Amazon

When shopping for a laptop bargain that won’t deprive you of quality and performance, don’t be afraid to test drive last year’s model. A slim touchscreen tablet is still a marvelous device, doing the same, if not better, job than many laptops. Best of all, they take up very little space, so you’ll have plenty of room for other gear.

North Face
North Face vault backpack Amazon

More space means more opportunity. Pick a bag that fits your trip, and if your trip will involve nonstop adventure then you’ll want a laptop-friendly backpack that also takes its licks better than any bag. Deep trekking in lush forests, exploring the trails of an active volcano, or getting up close with colorful marine life—adventure requires a bag built to last. Looking good is just another added bonus.


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