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Mobile Edge's ScanFast 2.0 Backpack Is The Mother Of All TSA-Friendly Bags

You won’t even realize how massive it is until you pack.

The 1995 film Get Shorty features one of my all-time favorite movie scenes. A car rental employee delivers an Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan to Chili Palmer, who asks, "What is that?" The employee tells him, "It's an Oldsmobile Silhouette," to which Chili replies, "I ordered a Cadillac." The employee then informs him: "Oh... well, you got the Cadillac of minivans." Hilarity ensues as the tough loan shark grows to love the minivan, even inspiring the arrogant A-list actor Martin Weir to get one of his own.

I was reminded of this scene recently when I was preparing for a trip to Turks and Caicos, to stay at the incredible Ambergris Cay private island resort, and I packed my new Mobile Edge ScanFast 2.0 Backpack, which I now lovingly refer to as the Cadillac of TSA-friendly backpacks.

All the Convenience of a Minivan

Mobile Edge was created by computer industry professionals with the mission of designing bags and cases that are perfect for tech-minded people. From messenger bags and briefcases to backpacks and rolling bags, Mobile Edge's products are constructed with your laptops and gear in mind, because those computer industry professionals know how much you value your electronics. There's even a whole line for gamers.


I'm no different. My Surface Pro laptop is like family, and my iPad, iPhone and GoPro Hero7 deserve as much comfort and protection as I do when traveling. (My goal is to buy a little good faith when SkyNet finally comes online.) Additionally, I need space for spare clothes, a book or two, personal accessories (sunglasses, keys, hats, my Relays, etc.), a bottle of hot sauce on my return trips, and any other random airport knickknacks I spot that I know my son must have.

So, while invoking the vision of a minivan might make this backpack seem oversized and clunky, the Chili Palmer in me quickly realized how the ScanFast 2.0 Backpack feels so much more like a stylish luxury automobile.

How Much Actually Fits into this Minivan?

Getting right to the point, this bag's TSA-friendly ScanFast compartment fits laptops up to 17.3-inches, including a 17-inch MacBook. Regular travelers know how helpful it is to not have to take the laptop out of the bag for scanning, just to have to put it back in the bag, but the biggest benefit here is organization.


But let's dive a little further into this bag.

Start with the two exterior pockets that appear to be a little bigger than an iPhone 8 Plus. Open them and it's like reaching your hand into a can of Pringles, in that it feels like it's a bottomless pit. In terms of travel needs, one pocket holds my iPhone, Airpods case and Breadcrumb. The other holds my Ekster wallet, keys and passport. Those pockets rest on a third exterior pocket that opens to reveal the "office supplies" section of the backpack—business card slot, two USB slots, two memory card slots, pen slots, a small pocket that I use for my Bluetooth mouse, a hook that I should use for my keys, a felt-lined pouch for a smaller tablet, and another zippered pocket that I houses my GoPro and selfie stick. And above that is a fourth exterior pocket that is slimmer and makes for a good spot for books and magazines, or yet another iPad or tablet.


We haven't even gone into the main compartment yet. Unzip the first of two sets of double zippers and at the top you'll find a small pouch that holds your media player, with a rubber slot that you can pull your headphones through so you never have to take the device out of the bag if you just want to chill and listen to music or a podcast. There's another large slot that can fit an iPad or books, and a zippered pocket that easily fits an extra t-shirt or two.

Finally, the second set of zippers splits the whole bag open to reveal the TSA-approved ScanFast compartment. A Velcro strap holds your laptop in, while another zippered compartment has enough room for another laptop or iPad Pro.

Seriously, I cannot overstate the amount of space this backpack offers.

But with Space You Sacrifice Style, Right?


For this backpack, it's not just about having enough pockets for your gaming laptop, headphones, multiple iPads and VR goggle set. Mobile Edge knows that style is very important, too, and so this black backpack is as cool and comfortable as it is convenient. The padded straps feel as if there's very little pressure on your shoulders, and the cool-mesh back panel reduces concerns that the back of your shirt will make it look like you've been standing in a Caribbean airport when you haven't even arrived yet.


We also make no secret of our love for eco-friendly products, and Mobile Edge is doing its part. The materials used in constructing this backpack require 30 percent less energy to manufacture, which in turn reduces greenhouse emissions by 63 percent. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for the company's "ecollection."

Here's to hoping the Chili Palmers of the world are as open to new backpacks as they are automobiles.