Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers That Offer Big Sound

You can host a party on vacation or at your own pool with devices that aren’t much bigger than a beer can.

Bring the music wherever you go with an easy-to-pack speaker that can fit in any bag.

Treblab speaker
You think a little number like this can't bring the noise? Think again. | Amazon

Depending on your preferred music, you may want to find a speaker that boasts high bass quality. Perhaps you're bumping hip-hop at your next pool party. Then, a speaker that can be heard from anywhere while producing high sound quality is what you're looking for.

jbl speaker
Great for the golf course or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. | Amazon

Sometimes, the best spot for a speaker is in an elevated spot. While most speakers may not have the option to be suspended or hung by a strap or hook, there are those that provide this accommodation, giving you the flexibility to jam out wherever you are.

bose portable speaker
This model will make sure everyone at your party can hear your epic playlist. | Amazon

You never want the music to die out accidentally at a party, so make sure you find a speaker that can keep the music going for longer than it needs to.