You'll Be So Happy That You Packed A Portable Footrest

Experience the closest you’ll get to premium in-flight comfort without flying first class.

With airline seating not expected to get more comfortable anytime soon, discerning travelers are finding hacks to improve the overall flying experience. Beyond just noise-canceling headphones and the ubiquitous neck pillows you'll find at any airport magazine stand, products such as portable footrests can take your in-flight comfort to the next level.

Fly In Comfort (Without Bothering Your Neighbors)

Give your feet a vacation of their own with a travel-sized memory foam foot hammock that allows you to kick up and relax wherever you are. An ideal solution for travelers of all shapes and sizes—just secure the hammock onto the tray table in front of you, adjust the straps to the desired length and settle in for your flight. Your feet and lower back will thank you!

Inflatable and Ideal

There's no need to keep your legs in the same stiff, uncomfortable position for the entire duration of your flight with a footrest that inflates and deflates in seconds. Two separate, adjustable air chambers make it easy to align your feet and legs into a relaxed position—just blow up one or both chambers to create up to three different height levels.

Help Improve Leg Circulation

Maintaining good posture while sitting is key to overall comfort, and an adjustable surface footrest can help lift and angle your legs, feet, knees, and ankles to a position that reduces the most stress on the body. However, you can even further maximize your comfort with an ergonomic, massage design that adds texture and flexibility that provides satisfying relief—perfect for home, office, or your next flight.