Speakers For Cranking Your Pool Music To 11

If you’re looking for loud, clear or both, chances are there’s a perfect sound system for your outdoor needs.

When Lil Jon said, "Turn down for what," he might not have been talking about pool parties, but the famous 21st century adage is just as applicable there, too. Whether it's classic rocking tunes, bumping electronic music or even your friend's latest mixtape, let us help you find the speakers right for your next pool party.

Polk outdoor speakers
Speakers that will be staying outdoors need to be built to handle the worst. | Amazon

When you're outside, the open space can sometimes make it difficult to maintain sound quality. But that's not an issue with speakers made to be played outdoors, making sure everyone from the shallow-end stairs to the deep end can listen and enjoy.

Kicker speakers
When you're not worried about the neighbors, pick speakers that really kick out the jams. | Amazon

Forget risking your favorite portable speaker the next time you go to the pool: Those aren't always waterproof. Outdoor speakers need to be waterproof if they're going to be ready for the pool, so finding a set that boasts powerful quality and assured security will go a long way.

pohopa speaker
When you're jamming into the night, you need all the lighting you can get. | Amazon

If you're a picky picture-taker, sometimes seeing boxy speakers in the background aren't always the most eye-pleasing. Find a set of speakers that matches the mood and that can also blend in with your environment.