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Portable Surge Protectors That Will Keep The Whole Family Charged On Vacation

Keep every device juiced and everybody happy.

Even if you trim down what you're bringing on vacation, you still probably are going to wind up with a lot of devices that need to be charged, for the whole family. Here's what to look for when you're looking for a portable surge protector to power up those tablets.

Don't pick a surge protector because it has a bunch of outlets. Make sure it's safe. | Amazon

Especially for iffy power systems, such as old cabins, look for a protector with a ground warning light, so you don't fry all your phones.

NTON Power
Being able to wrap the cord around the device is a very convenient feature. | Amazon

Stable, non-slip design will make sure the protector stays where you put it, not where gravity takes it, and your phones.

compact plug
A long plug or the ability to connect directly to the wall, it's so valuable to have options for cramped spaces. | Amazon

Either a short cord or a cord that reels in or winds around the protector will make storage and use much easier when everyone's clamoring for more Netflix.

A business traveler or larger family will need plug spots and USB ports for myriad accessories and devices. | Amazon

Check for the highest number of both three-prong traditional ports and USB ports, so if you lose the wall wart, you don't lose power to your phone.

The best surge protector is one that is perfect for your home office, and yet is also small enough to pack away, so you'll know you can trust it. | Amazon

And don't forget, keeping a USB-C port in reserve may help you charge up if you need to fall back on your data cable for power as well.