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How To Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Yoga Sanctuary

You’ll never need to visit the yoga studio again when you transform your backyard into your own private sanctuary.

You can have a namaste experience right at home when you convert your backyard into your very own private yoga sanctuary. Create a relaxing mood setting by adding crystals, candles, and tapestries for optimal healing and relaxation—but you'll also need the right equipment to have a backyard transformative experience. However, by stocking up on simple items such as quality yoga mats and towels you may never want to go back to the yoga studio again!

yoga mat
Just because a mat is made for the indoors doesn't mean it can't last outdoors. | Amazon

Stretch out like never before with a plush four-by-six-foot yoga mat that instantly transforms any room in your home into your very own home studio or gym. This spacious mat is large enough to accommodate any yoga pose or stretches, and even works great for light cardio or barefoot bodyweight workouts. The textured, non-slip surface provides unmatched grip and comfort, while a unique, circle-patterned bottom prevents any sliding. And best of all, it's crafted from premium, eco-friendly materials that ward off unwanted odors.

water mat
Not all outdoor sessions are hot yoga, but you probably still need a refreshing break during or after. | Amazon

Whether exercising, laboring outdoors in the hot sun, or any other activity that requires working up a sweat, this cooling towel will be your new best friend. Simply soak the towel with cold water for an instant cooling effect—which stays chilled for up to three hours and reduces body temperature by as much as 30 degrees, while providing 50 UPF sunscreen protection. Plus, it won't drip water and even dries soft!

Kids mat
It can be difficult to get young kids interested in new activities, so it helps to give them fun gear. | Amazon

Kids are never too young to build strength and balance with a colorful, fun beginner mat. The starter-sized foam yoga mat features a variety of adorable designs to help keep a child focused on learning poses. Your children will love being able to do yoga right alongside you, as an activity that you both can enjoy together!