Save Space By Packing A Full Face Snorkel Mask

A full face mask saves space and makes diving easier.

Space is at a premium when you're packing for vacation, and there's no reason for your snorkeling gear should shove everything else out of the way. Here's why a full-face snorkel mask is a great way to make a little room without giving up any functionality.

Pack It In

Foldable designs are useful beyond fitting your mask between your shirts and your shorts. They let you easily transport your gear and keep everything tied together, especially useful for younger snorkelers. If you've ever had to try and find your goggles, your snorkel, and then wonder where your flippers are, or just think that sounds exhausting, you'll appreciate having it all in one place.

A Name You Can Trust

Another advantage is that you can leave the anti-fogging materials behind. Instead of treating a mask with chemicals or worrying about seals, full-face masks tightly seal the breathing system away from the visor, ensuring your breath doesn't block your view of the undersea world, and letting you stay under just a little longer.

The Whole Kitchen Sink

Check the viewing angle and fit. Many full-face masks use their one-piece design to ensure they have the broadest viewing angle possible, but everybody's face is different, so peer out of the mask on land, if you can. Don't forget to check the straps, as well. A firm fit is important, since if water leaks in, you'll need to surface and remove the full mask. Make sure the straps are tight, but comfortable, and the mask is firm without being painful against your skin.