You’ve Seen People Wearing Sleep Masks on Airplanes—Now It’s Time to Try One

Get some rest on even the most stressful flight.

Having a hard time falling asleep on long flights? A sleep mask will help with that.Shutterstock

Getting some sleep on an airplane isn’t an Olympic event, but arguably it should be. And there’s nothing worse than landing for your vacation and just wanting to crawl into bed. A sleep mask will help you rest up, so you can get going when you land.

Easy on the Eyes

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Pick a mask that’s comfortable. Everybody has a slightly different face, and one person’s restful sleep mask is another person’s annoying awake mask. Look for a mask that you can blink comfortably in, that rests lightly on your face when you recline, and that doesn’t cut into your head when you put it on.

Like a Glove

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Choose a mask that fits in with your luggage. Saving space should always be a consideration when flying; who wants to haul a dozen bags through any airport? Portable design can make the difference between a little sleep on the plane and an hour spent trying to figure out how to cram one last thing into your carry-on.

Pick and Choose

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Don’t think you’re limited to classic black, either. Sleep masks are available in all sorts of styles, from classic art on the front to snarky embroidery. Granted, there’s probably no measurable scientific impact on your sleep that wearing a brightly colored sleep mask offers. But if you’re going to sleep on an airplane, you should have some fun while doing it, and hey, giving your seatmate a little chuckle may make their flight a little better too.