The Best Smartphone Accessories For Camping Trips

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or something else, here’s the best gear for enhancing your camping experience.

Camping is a great way to make memories and forge bonds. It also presents opportunities for learning, excitement, and sometimes accidents. In any of those cases, it's always good to have a trusty phone on hand, which necessitates accessories that can protect and enhance your handy electronic tool. Here are the best iPhone accessories for your next camping trip.

myCharge Portable Charger Waterproof Power Bank Adventure Fast Charging Rugged Heavy Duty Outdoor USB Battery Pack
Bringing your device somewhere that lacks outlets can be problematic unless you pack arguably the most important accessory. | myCharge

Any time you're heading outdoors or on a camping trip, anything waterproof is a surefire way to keep your belongings protected. The elements won't hold back when you're out there.

Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case
You might not expect to get wet, but sometimes the best adventures happen off land. | Mpow 097

For when you need to put away your phone for a while but want to keep it supremely secured, there are pouches that can keep it sealed away tightly. Find a case that'll protect your phone from dirt, water and any other sort of incident.

BrexLink Micro USB to USB 2.0 Cable (2-Pack, 6.6 FT)
Staying outdoors can present bigger challenges and rougher conditions, so you'll appreciate a cord that can handle more than 6,000 bends. | BrexLink

Charging your phone is a must on any sort of outdoors-related trip. Your phone can help answer important questions, provide entertainment and, if necessary, call for help.

Bagsmart Electronic Organizer
You're going to need something to protect your gear. | Bagsmart

For the tech-heavy camper, it's important to bring along all your accessories and wires. Bring along a bag that'll both help keep your phone safe but also functioning optimally.

TREBLAB XR800 Premium Sport Earphones
Listening to nature can be very relaxing, but sometimes we just need our playlists. | TREBLAB XR800

Sometimes sleeping outdoors is a frightening or uneasy experience. Help ease your anxiety with a set of headphones that can play your favorite tunes and put you right back in your comfort zone.