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Solo New York's Highline Duffel Pulls Double Duty

For work and play, this stylish Friday bag was designed to handle everything on your itinerary.

The thing about a weekender bag is that it's made for weekends. "Duh," you reply to Captain Obvious, but that's the truth. They're bigger than most bags, which makes them impractical if you're a minimalist who wants to do it all with one bag. Therefore, the question is: does a bag exist that can handle a daily routine of work and play, and then double as a weekend bag without being overbearing and bulky?

Of course the answer is yes. There are quite a few options out there, but very few, if any, do it with as much style and simplicity as Solo New York's Highline Duffel, which is every minimalist busybody's dream bag.

How Much Storage are We Talking?

When I first picked up the Highline Duffel, I needed a bag that could transport my laptop and work gear in addition to my daily gym and basketball clothes. Before that, I was lugging a backpack and gym duffel to work daily and that gets old. From an organizational standpoint, this bag features two external zippered pouches that store a laptop (up to 15.6-inches) and phone, as well as two zippered end pouches that are great for keys, sunglasses, wallet and whatever else I don't like carrying in my pockets.


Inside the bag, there are two smaller pouches for things like socks and underwear, as well as a zippered mesh pouch that is ideal for folded shirts that need to be as wrinkle-free as possible. From my experience, there's also enough space for a folded pair of pants and a pro-size basketball, with plenty of room to spare (again, this was just for my daily routine).

Take the basketball out and you have 54-liters of storage space to work with, in case you need three or four outfits, a toiletry bag and various accessories for a weekend getaway. The reason I call this a Friday bag, though, is because of my favorite feature, which is the built-in shoe storage bag that is hidden between the main compartment and one of the zippered end pouches. An interior zipper allows the bag to expand into the main compartment, keeping your shoes separated from anything else that might cause scuffs.


With that shoe compartment expanded, you still have room for two outfits—maybe three, if you're great at Marie Kondo's folding style—and so you're covered for Friday night's adventure and Saturday's return trip.

toiletries bag
You can keep your toiletries as clean as possible, but you still don't want to risk them damaging your spare clothes. | Amazon

I'm a sucker for brand synergy, or when a company makes an accessory that pairs well with the main product. In this case, I used Solo New York's Downtown Travel Liberty Accessory Kit for my toiletries, and I love that its shape allows it to perfectly slide into place in the interior sides, adjacent to the wall of the exterior end pouches. That way I don't have to worry about loose travel deodorant and toothpaste tubes touching my spare clothes, and I'm also not sacrificing much interior space.