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The Best Luggage For Solo Travelers Who Won't Be Home For A While

Live your best life out of a suitcase.

We've all wanted to just chuck it all and travel the world at some point. But whether you're heading on a road trip for work or leaving it all behind for a while, if you're on your own and won't be coming back for a while, get a bag that fits your wanderlust.

Expand Your Horizons

Start with space, and plenty of it. If you're going to keep everything you need in your luggage, it had better fit. Look for bags that can easily expand as you fill them with souvenirs and other items, and that have a light, tough construction. Soft-sided bags will be particularly useful here, as they can better take being crammed with that spare T-shirt, and they'll often come with handy expandable designs, so you can start small and fill your bag up as you go.



Materials are also important. Buy bags that are made from materials you know can take a beating, like genuine leather or ripstop nylon, which is specially reinforced in the weave to keep from tearing. This extends to the fixtures and zippers as well. Bags should be easy to zip, even when you have to sit on them to close them, and snaps and clips should connect crisply and easily.


The Complete Set

Finally, consider any extra features that might make life a little easier as you hop from airport to airport. High on many wish lists is an external charging port connected to a power bank, but don't overlook features like built in luggage tags, sets that include carry-on totes for easy checking and lugging, or other features like built-in cup holders or phone trays that will allow you to relax at the gate instead of stressing about your stuff.