Stay Safe and Organized with a Discreet, Stylish Travel Jacket

It’s basically like wearing your carry-on bag, but way more comfortable than it sounds.

November 25, 2019
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The idea might sound clunky and uncomfortable, but a travel blazer, jacket or sweatshirt is extremely convenient. Shutterstock

When you travel, there’s a lot you need to keep on your person, from your documents to your phone’s cords and power bank. A travel jacket is designed to fit all of that discreetly around your body so you’re always prepared for what the airport or the customs line throws at you. When looking for one, keep an eye out for the right features.

Professional Appearance

Eddie Bauer Men's Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer
Eddie Bauer Men’s Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer Amazon

Pockets should be foremost. A really good travel jacket will let you tuck practically anything away for easy access when you need it most, while not making you look like you’re trying to smuggle a turkey dinner past the security checkpoint. Try on the jacket and slip a few vital necessities like your passport and your phone into a few pockets, and see how easily you can get to them, and how the jacket looks on you with your full complement of travel tools.

Brave the Elements

Amazon Essentials Men's Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket
Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket Amazon

Waterproofing and water resistance are a must. Leaving aside the comfort of not being soaked by a sudden storm, keeping the water out protects sensitive electronics and documents that can’t afford a soaking. It’ll offer a nice layer of protection for both you and your stuff.


The Kitchen Sink

SCOTTeVEST Revolution 2.0 Utility Jacket
SCOTTeVEST Revolution 2.0 Utility Jacket Amazon

Check possible special features for long trips. Modern jackets range from minimalist styles to the textile version of a Swiss Army knife, with hidden pockets, pull-down eye shields, and a host of other useful features that can make a jacket ideal for a long trip, especially if you know you’ll be sleeping in it for a while. Sometimes the right feature can make all the difference.


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