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Suitcases That Showcase Your Individuality

Stand out in a crowd (and never miss your bag at the carousel) with these bold luggage choices.

Luggage is not generally turning up on the fashion runway. But if you know where to look, you can get a stylish piece to go with your vacation, or just stand out on that baggage claim carousel. Here's how to pick a suitcase that shows off who you are.

Like a Work of Art

If you've got a specific style already, odds are good there's a suitcase for you from that brand. Many companies, ranging from athleisure to haute couture, either build their own bags, or license their name to luggage companies and then ensure the product and design is up to their standards. Take a look and see what's available.


Be Really Bold

Make sure your luggage works for you as a bag, as well. Even the most chic suitcase should have the features you need, whether that's a collapsible handle, a hard shell to protect your more sensitive stuff from dings and dents, or expandable cargo space. Make a list of what you need on your trip and then look for a bag that fits those needs.


Get Wild

Pick something that will stand out anywhere. Part of the reason to get a distinctive bag is to save a little time when traveling by making it easier to find and making you stand out in a crowd not just in general, but for people trying to find you. Besides, you're on vacation, so go with something fun and unique; what's the point of going somewhere to have fun if you can't start when you pack?