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Surfboard Repair Kits That Fit In Your Luggage

From ultimate, all-out care to affordable-yet-effective repairs, this list of repair kits will make sure you always travel with your board’s wellbeing in mind.

That surfboard wasn't cheap, and you want to get the most out of it. Upkeep and maintenance are paramount to surfboard longevity. From eco-friendly materials to cost-efficient kits, here are our favorites when it comes to surfboard repair kits.


All In One

Repairing your board requires patience and care, so finding a proper repair kit to make the process as efficient and optimal as possible is important. In comes the Solarez UV Cure SUP Epoxy surfboard repair kit, which includes ZEROVOC styrofoam-safe UV-cured fiberfil putty, WAHOO two-part epoxy resin, Solarez FLEX wetsuit and deck pad repair, fiberglass cloth and rope, stainless-steel scissors, applicators and sandpaper, among other equipment.


Better Safe Than Sorry

The Sticky Bumps Wax Plus Solarez UV Cure Resin ding repair kit is touted as the ultimate travel kit by MoeSurfing. This kit now includes a Future Fins key, four bars of Sticky Bumps wax and a comb to clean your board, among other equipment. Pick up this kit, now, for one of the easiest and quickest ways to de-wax your board.


Keep It Affordable

Taking care of your board can sometimes rack up a heavy bill. With Phix Doctor's universal travel surfboard ding repair kit, board-care can be effective and affordable. This product comes with a four-ounce fiberglass cloth and sandpapers, smoothy sheets, a pair of gloves, mixing cups and sticks, a sticker and instructions in seven languages.