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Surfboard Travel Bags That Will Keep Your Favorite Board Safe

Damage to your surfboard in transit can easily be prevented with one of these bags.

Traveling with your surfboard can be nerve-racking, as you're constantly feeling anxious about potential damages from the environment or road hazards. With our list of the best surfboard travel bags, you'll never have to worry about that again. From flexibility to quality care, these bags are ready for you to use for your next beach getaway.


In and Out

Without an effective way of transporting your surfboard, you leave it open to scuffing and damage. A protective casing, like one you'd have for transporting your laptop, is all you need. The Pro-Lite Rhino surfboard travel bag is 26.5 inches wide and will fit one to two boards. It's got a zip flip-top opening on top and a padded shoulder strap, too.


A Stand-up Bag

It's not easy protecting what essentially could serve as a human-sized shield. From indiscriminate accidents to Mother Nature's will, there's a bevy of opportunities for your boards to receive damage. The Abahub premium surfboard travel bag is flexible in what it can hold, including board sizes up to 9 feet, 7 inches by 25 inches. This bag adds little quality details like 2-inch by 4-inch air vents for heat protection, as well.


Recycled Ideas

There are two models for the Wave Tribe Mini Simmons day board bag: a 5-foot-6 version and a 5-foot-10 one (the latter was rated ESPN's best surf bag). Composed of hemp and a reflective energy shield, the former helps keep the board cool in hot places, like the car, and the reflective side reflects the sun's harmful rays and prevents damage to your board. A bag like this will help you keep your board for years to come, helping you also save on maintenance.