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The Best Tablets For Camping Trips

When your outdoor adventure still requires a digital element, choose your devices wisely.

Tablets and their versatility are among the best, most useful items you can bring on any trip, camping or otherwise. With the power of a mini laptop and the combination of all forms of entertainment sealed into one place, they can be of help for anyone who's looking to keep up with their favorite TV show or finish some work on any camping trip. Here are the best tablets for your upcoming camping trips.

Dell Latitude 7220 Rugged Tablet
If your trip takes you far off the beaten path, bring a device that can handle all the bumps. | Dell Latitude

Heavy-duty tablets aren't to be forgotten when considering a camping trip. In fact, any trips that are outdoors related that require a tablet should have a heavy-duty, resistant tablet at the top of their packing lists.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet
Being outdoors all the time can wear children out, so they deserve a little downtime. | Fire HD

The kids need to stay entertained, and nature can sometimes only keep them interested for so long. When the little ones get bored with smores and the wilderness, break out their favorite games and TV shows.

Dragon Touch K10 Tablet
Being able to take and store pictures and video on a lightweight device is a big bonus. | Dragon

A tablet is most likely the biggest non-essential electronic you're bringing. With that, it's nice to have your one source for media and entertainment to be a reliable and high-quality one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4
Battery power is crucial when you're going to be away from outlets, so be sure to choose a device that goes the distance. | Samsung Galaxy

A hard casing goes a long way when it comes to bringing any electronic device outdoors. When you bring them back home, you're also protected from accidents and damages in the house, too.

VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10-inch Octa-Core Tablet
Stargazing is fine, but sometimes you want to enjoy your favorite films and tv shows, too. | VANKYO

The best tablets on camping trips are ones that are easily packable. You already have enough stuff to think about when packing for something so adventurous. Make life a little easier by bringing along a seamless yet powerful tablet.