The Best Electronic Organizer Bags For Couples

Two people doesn’t mean twice the cords. Not if you’re smart about how you pack.

You're a Mac, they're a PC. You're an Android, they're an iPhone. Managing your electronics at home as a couple is bad enough, but on the road? These five organizers will ensure you've both got what you need.

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag
From adapters to devices, travel easy knowing all of it is right where you need it. | BAGSMART

Weight matters more than most pieces of luggage, as you'll need something you can throw in any purse or carry-on.

Matein Electronics Travel Organizer
Traveling for work or simply have a lot of accessories for play? Bring the big option. | Matein

If you've both got a lot of stuff, a double-sided carrier will be a good choice to keep everything separate.

OrgaWise Electronic Accessories Bag Travel Cable Organizer
You might not think that waterproof is an important detail, but long flights can expose your gear to a lot of problems. | OrgaWise

Look for something tough and waterproof for your organizer, such as nylon or treated leather.

BescoTech Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag
Travelers never know when the opportunity for an incredible picture will pop up, so keep your gear as close as possible. | BescoTech

If you'll be hauling lots of gear with you on a hike or other outdoor adventure, a wrist strap can keep everything handy. Literally.

GetherDirect Tech Organizer Travel Case
The last thing you want is to take 1,000 incredible pictures and then lose your portable hard drive. | GetherDirect

Lots of cords need lots of straps and loops to keep them organized and separate.