Three Accessories Every Amateur Photographer Needs For Great Vacations Pictures

Put your smart phones down and rediscover the art of taking breathtaking photos.

Photographers at all levels are rarely, if ever, defined by their equipment. That's not to say, however, that equipment can't help improve the quality of one's images. From portability to granting the ability to do other forms of photography, these accessories are some of the most vital pieces of equipment a traveling photographer can bring with him or her.

A tripod seems like such a throwback accessory, but it's still so important. | Amazon

When it comes to photography, a tripod is one of the first accessories almost every photographer should consider buying. Not only does it open you up to many forms of photography that require stillness or very little, if any motion, but it also allows aspiring vloggers and videographers to produce professional video content of themselves or their environments.

charging backpack
The best gear requires the best protection. | Amazon

Once you get to a certain point in your photography, having a camera backpack almost goes without saying. Camera backpacks keep all your gear stored in one convenient location, like any backpack can, but these specifically are built to care for and fit your bodies, your lenses and any other accessories you've brought along with you. The ones with USB charging ports are ideal, too, especially when it comes to traveling.

Keeping track of the devices you'll need to charge is an important task. | Amazon

No matter your level of photography, you'll undoubtedly need to charge your gear on your travels at one point or another. If you're traveling abroad, this can be difficult, finding a converter to make your cables and chargers compatible with the local outlets. Consider investing in a power adapter that allows you to charge wherever you go, but make sure it has multiple ports so you can charge efficiently.