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Three Appliances That Will Make Any Airbnb Rental A Little More Luxurious

Looking to rent out a spare room or your private beach villa? Class it up with these appliances.

If you're looking to turn that in-law apartment over the garage or a spare room into an Airbnb, there are a few necessities that it'll need: Beds, seating, access to a bathroom. But the step from OK space to spend a few days to luxurious temporary digs you won't want to leave is shorter than you think, with these appliances.

keurig machine
From luxurious resorts to studio apartments, good coffee is one of the most important things for any guest. | Amazon

Buy an upmarket coffee maker for your Airbnb space. Coffee is a vital necessity for many of us, but what will take it up a notch is the ability to make multiple kinds of coffee drinks. It's easier to set up than you might think, as modern coffee machines include dishwasher-safe milk frothers and functions to turn standard pods into espresso shots and other fun drinks. It'll save them a dollar and get their day started right.

Samsung tv
Most people don't want to stay inside during a vacation, but if they have to, it's nice to have the best options for TV and movies. | Amazon

When human beings go to any new space, they engage in certain rituals, one of the most important being to turn on the TV to see if it has cable, and if it does, is "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on (it is.) So, get your Airbnb the nicest TV you can, preferably one 55″ or larger. Curved screens are more immersive and have wider viewing angles, so they're easier to see all over the space. If your guests are going to watch TV, they should do it in style.

wine fridge
Spoil your guests with a wine fridge that will keep everyone's favorite bottles chilled. | Amazon

A wine and beer fridge may not seem like a luxurious addition at first, but especially for folks coming to enjoy your city as tourists for a while, it can make a difference. The proliferation of local breweries, wineries, and distilleries means that you'll see more wine and beer tours no matter where you set up your Airbnb, so giving your guests a way to chill and enjoy their souvenirs will make them that much happier.