Three Backpacks that will Keep Your Drone Equipment Safe while Traveling

Keep your equipment dry, safe and ready for your next adventure.

A drone can help you take amazing photos while traveling, but you should never have to worry about keeping your equipment safe.Shutterstock

Drones can shoot awesome footage in some of the roughest terrain. But in order to get those stunning vistas and action shots, you’ve got to get your drone there. Whether you’re doing a buzz over the pool or exploring a mountain, here are the best drone backpacks.

Cover the Basics

If traveling solely for the photography, find a backpack that eliminates clutter and focuses on the essentials.Amazon

Look for padded dividers in the main storage space for all your drone equipment. More than just protecting it from shocks and jolts, it’s good for keeping it organized and in one place, especially in situations where you’ve got a lot to carry and assemble. Your pack can serve as your home base as you assemble, fly, and shoot, so you’ve got parts, batteries and more right to hand.

For the Traveler Who Needs More

The traveler who wants to keep all tech gear together will have an easy time finding the appropriate backpack.Amazon

Don’t forget storage for your other gear as well. If you’re shooting drone footage, you’ll need tools like a tablet, photography gear, and of course, your phone. Having pockets for all your tech will make the shoot go smoothly and will mean one less bag to carry. Do an inventory of what you usually bring with you when you deploy a drone and have a checklist to compare with the bag’s features.

The Pro’s Choice

Shouldering a lot of gear? You’ll need the pads that provide the most comfort.Amazon

Comfort should also be a factor. As anybody who’s gone camping can tell you, having a lot of weight on your back for a long period of time can be draining, and with straps digging into your shoulders or a propeller lodged in your back, it’s even worse. Try on your pack of choice and see how it feels fully loaded; your body will thank you after the first day of hauling.