Three Bathroom Gadgets Every Guy Needs To Bring On Vacation

Keep it clean, organized and simple, without taking up precious luggage space.

Nobody wants to spend excessive time grooming on vacation, but you also don't want to look like you just washed up on the beach with your volleyball best friend. Here are the gadgets will get you clean and out the door that much faster.

electric razor
An electric razor that fits in a toiletry bag can be a man's best friend. | Amazon

Everybody loves a nice clean shave, but an overly elaborate shaving ritual can take time away from important poolside lounging or hold you up when you've got an event to attend. An electric shaver will keep the stubble from running wild, while making sure you're not late to your scheduled relaxing.

Electric toothbrushes are easier than ever to bring on vacation. | Amazon

The same is true of oral hygiene. Obviously, you don't want to skip brushing your teeth, but you probably also want to get them clean and get back to what you're doing. An electric toothbrush is perfect for balancing your oral health and your vacation, as it'll offer a deeper clean while also timing out how long you're brushing. You'll get in your full two minutes, and feel fresh and minty when you head back out.

Vacations can be about letting loose, but if you have a strict health program then a portable scale might be a necessity. | Amazon

As much as you may not want to, you'll probably want to bring a scale. We all know what we can turn into on vacation and tracking your weight will both help you consider how much exercise you're getting in, and how many calories are coming with it, and maintain any weight tracking or other fitness tracking you're doing. Fortunately, travel scales are slim, convenient, and quick, so you can get your result and get on with your day. Maybe a brisk jog before going to the buffet.