Three Bluetooth Speakers That Let You Take That Important Work Call By The Pool

Protect your phone, and your boundaries, with these Bluetooth speakers.

Work can now fit in our pocket. Between email, productivity apps, and the ever-present conference call, there's no reason to be stuck in the office on a beautiful day. But there's also no reason to have your phone jammed between your ear and your shoulder, not with a good Bluetooth speaker handy.

blue tooth earbud
If you have to take a call next to the pool, choose a device that buffers the noise. | Amazon

Consider form factor. If you're in a quiet oasis and know you won't have anybody doing a cannonball into the deep end, a speaker format will probably work best. If on the other hand you'll be keeping an eye on half the fifth-grade class at a pool party while taking a sudden call, a headset will be a better choice.

jabra mic/speaker
Pick a device with a microphone that won't lose your voice if you're walking around the room. | Amazon

Pick a speaker that's not limited to your phone. Bluetooth has become both more reliable and thus, more widespread. You'll now find it in phones, tablets, laptops, and even gadgets around the house. The best speaker for you will be able to pair with all of them, for maximum convenience and also redundancy. If your phone dies on you, you can still take the call through your laptop and keep your speaker handy. And if you want to blast tunes through your toothbrush to a speaker, that's just a bonus.

anker speaker/mic
Some devices are simply built for one reason, and therefore can be trusted above all others. | Amazon

Check the battery capacity. The last thing you need is your speaker to pull a slow fade during a conference call with the boss. The higher the milliamps per hour, or mAh, the longer the calls your speaker can endure. This is especially important for speakers with multiple microphones to pick up more than one person; speakers will work overtime in that situation to ensure everyone can be heard.