Three Essential Items For Hosting A Successful Pool Party

The right gear will guarantee a good time.

Lounging by the pool is one of the high points of summer. Yet you need more than some clear water and some beverages to make it a pool party, although those certainly help. Here's how to make any pool a party zone.

jbl speaker
Every pool party needs tunes, even if you're the only guest. | Amazon

Fire up some tunes with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Yes, the speaker is unlikely to go into the pool, although anybody with kids or rowdy friends should never say never, but the waterproofing helps with splashes, dousings, and other water-related hijinks. The Bluetooth, meanwhile, means you can leave your phone indoors, well away from said children or friends who haven't quite outgrown cannonballs yet.

Yeti cooler
Everyone needs a good cooler, and owning one is all the excuse you need to use it. | Amazon

Keep something to drink handy with the right cooler. A good outdoor cooler will have a thick layer of insulation to slow down the inevitable transition of ice to water. Look for a cooler with strong lids that stay closed, and that has a tight seal to keep the cool air in. You should also consider sizing; if you're expecting a crowd at your oasis, you should look into a 55-to-80-quart ice chest to keep everything fun and frosty. If there's a model with a spigot to drain at the end of the day, that'll make life easier as well.

Try not to smile on a waterslide. | Amazon

Everybody loves a waterslide, but if your pool doesn't have one, you can set up an inflatable one with ease. Just like other pool toys, they quickly inflate with an air pump, and you can easily set them up before the guests come over. As a bonus, they can fit more people than a typical slide, and double as a float to play on, keeping everybody splashing.