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Three Essential Laptop Travel Accessories

If you’re bringing your laptop on your trip, bring this gear as well.

Laptops have done wonders for our productivity, letting us clear off tasks at the airport gate or in the hotel room instead of having to either let them sit or be trapped in a hotel business center. The right accessories, though, will ensure you get more out of your laptop.

laptop bag
A high quality laptop bag is essential for keeping your computer safe from the ups and downs of travel. | Amazon

A spacious laptop bag is a must. Especially as we add more stuff to our arsenal of technology, you'll need a place to organize it, and a laptop bag with plenty of room and lots of dividers is a must for keeping your chargers and accessories to hand and easy to use. Take an inventory of the things you bring with you, like tablets, and look for a bag that can accommodate everything in one place. And don't forget the size of your laptop; you might want to buy a bag slightly bigger, for more room.

portable mouse
A portable mouse is definitely one of the most important laptop accessories. | Amazon

Pair your laptop with a wireless mouse. While wired mice can still be had, they'll eat up valuable USB ports and get tangled with your other gear. A wireless mouse, on the other hand, can simply be charged up, connected, and used anywhere you've got enough room to move your wrist. Look for a mouse with a low profile, so it can easily be slipped into a bag pocket or next to your laptop and look for quiet-click technology; it's just polite, especially if you're turning out a report at the airport at 3 a.m.

Wireless headphones belong in your bag regardless of the device they're paired with, but listening to tunes while you work is a must. | Amazon

For meetings, music, and streaming, a pair of wireless headphones should be in your bag. Especially as video meetings and online calls become more important, a good set of headphones will be key to doing business. And, of course, when you've got time to catch up on your shows, they're ideal for relaxing as well.