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Three Expandable Backpacks That Can Go From Work To Play

Wherever your next adventure takes you, there’s a bag that’ll fit your specific needs.

The interesting feature about backpacks is that it's clear they'll help us carry items and accessories, but it's also apparent that different backpacks were made for different purposes. Some will carry our camera equipment; some will be more suited to carrying more clothing and a variety of other packing-list items. Regardless of your needs, here are three backpacks that'll be suitable for both work and play.

Weekender bag
Weekender bags are great for, well, weekend trips. They're even better when you can wear them on your back. | Amazon

Backpacks that are expandable are best for when you're traveling and when you might not know how much you'll return with after the day or the trip. The converse is just as useful, as you may need to shrink your backpack into carry-on size for plane trips, too. Comfort is a primary factor that shouldn't be forgotten with any travel backpack, too.

military style
The military style is popular because this backpack has been designed with the best, most durable bags in mind. | Amazon

For the most organized of travelers, consider a backpack with many pockets that allow you to take whatever you need wherever you go. If you're also planning on doing some outdoor activities, invest in a backpack that has a color complementary to getting dirty; that is, a backpack that if you get dirt or mud on it, it'll almost just blend in.

One of the most important aspects of traveling now is saving time at the TSA and baggage carousel. | Amazon

For some, if not most, checking in bags at the airport is, perhaps, one of the most agonizing parts of traveling. First, having to wait in line when your flight is, like, an hour away from taking off; then there's that staring contest you have with the scale, as you wait to see if your bag is overweight by a half-pound or not. Gone are those days when you invest in a sizable backpack that'll both fit all your stuff and fit in the overhead compartment above.