Three Accessories Every Golfer Needs For Playing On Vacation

Have a little extra fun on the links with this special gear.

There's nothing like a good game of golf on vacation. And there's nothing that makes a game of golf more relaxing than the right tools. Here's what to bring with you on the links.

garmin golf watch
We play golf to get better, so why not choose a device that plays an important role. | Amazon

Start with a golf watch. Golf watches are a handy, unobtrusive way to track your swing, your overall activity, and how you do as you move through the course. Look for one with preloaded courses to make tracking easier, and if you're in the market for an overall activity tracker, several watches can pull double duty on that score.

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Bring a rangefinder to get a better sense of distance. While most of us can ballpark the distance on some shots, knowing the precise distance to the pin can help you determine how far you can drive, and begin improving that distance as you fix your swing. When shopping rangefinders, look for weight in particular, as you'll have to bring this with you, and keep an eye out for bonuses like vibration to tell you when the distance is locked.

analyzing your swing
There's no better way to improve than by analyzing your swing in real time. | Amazon

Use a phone clip to record your swing. There comes a point where you have to stop asking your friends how you did, and if you're out in the early morning playing a few holes alone, this will help you stay on top of your game. Besides, there are some shots we'd all rather keep to ourselves, particularly if they involve divots.