Three Must-Have Items For Turning Your Backyard Into A Zen-Like Oasis

Drown out the rest of the world when you’re in your own personal sanctuary.

From yoga and light workouts to chillaxing in a hammock and snoozing by the pool, your backyard is a place for leisure however you like it. With the right gear, you can take that rest and relaxation to another level, without taking up too much space.

A hammock with a stand is great for when space is limited and you don't have two posts or trees readily available. | Amazon

Let the gentle sway combined with the sinking comfort inside a hammock rock you away to the most refreshing nap. According to a study in Current Biology, hammocks make you fall asleep faster than beds. So, when time's limited, head for the hammock.

Titan cooler
Don't break your peaceful state of mind by leaving your spot to grab another drink, when you can keep it at an arm's distance. | Amazon

Lugging a long, thick orange extension cord for a fridge isn't very Zen-like, so use the energy-free alternative: a cooler. Coolers are easily portable, and they can keep your drinks cold probably for longer than you'll be outside, too.

A great pair of earbuds delivers big sound in a small package. | Amazon

Whether you're peacefully meditating in the grass or relaxing on a sunbed or in a hammock, immersing yourself in the sounds of a gentle waterfall or ocean waters can enhance your experience. Forget the cumbersome nature of speakers and the potential disruption they can cause for neighbors. With a small set of earbuds, you'll create a private reality for yourself.