Three Pairs Of Pants That Should Be In Every Man's Travel Bag

Never worry about overpacking again when you have the right clothing for any vacation scenario.

Packing can be confusing and stressful, as you try to navigate through your closet and electronics deciding what to bring for your next getaway. Even for men, who mostly have a relatively smaller wardrobe compared to women, there's a thought process that goes into it.

A pair of pants that can go from a trail to the dinner table is a huge plus. | Amazon

Traveling in style is a commodity that just isn't appropriate for a lot of destinations. Whether you're flying to the other side of the U.S. or going overseas to Europe, sometimes what you need to consider is pants that will be both comfortable and useful. Men need a pair of pants that gives you the pocket space needed to carry the necessities and any extra items, as well as a pair that gives you comfort for walking all day long.

jogger style
The jogger style is perfect for almost any vacation moment, especially anything that allows for slip-ons or sandals. | Amazon

When you're looking for something more in the middle of stylish and useful, a pair of joggers is the way to go. Not only do they provide a slick, slimming look, but the extra space near the ankles makes them a little more breathable. Comfort is not lost in this type of pants, either.

Recovery pants
Recovery pants are great for lounging in after a hard workout at the hotel gym or a long hike on a Caribbean trail. | Amazon

Whether you're simply wearing these to sleep in a destination that's colder than what you're used to or taking these to the hotel gym or on the streets for a jog, a pair of track pants is a necessity for any trip in which you're looking to stay fit and comfortable. It's important to relax on vacation, maybe even indulging in some foods you otherwise wouldn't eat, but you also don't want to regress on your fitness goals.